There is no show without Punch!!

Well over the last week I have read the newspapers, listened to the daily news reports and watched some topical discussions on TV and then I have read some of the headlines in the internet home page and I have to ask

Why does everyone want to be a victim??

No one seems capable of making a decision and living with the consequences, oh no! They must make out they are the victim of someone else’s behaviour/ attitude/ beliefs! Honestly I am sick to death of hearing and seeing all this bleeding hearts and spleen venting that’s going on – much of it in the celebrity world is just about grandstanding. Why do we see so much crap about who has split up with who, who has screwed who and who’s going out with who? Does it matter to anyone but the people involved – No, does it give another opening to become a victim and try to gain public support YES!

So who are the people who seem to want to be victims

Anyone who has a shade of skin darker than a pasty pale pinky/white.

Single mothers.

Illegal Immigrants.

If you have a mental illness

Anyone who is non christian

If you are anywhere on the LGBT scale

If you are female.

If you are a celebrity.

For some strange reason it is very fashionable to put yourself into a victim category then you do not have to be responsible for your own decisions/ actions.

Please for god’s sake (and I really do not care who your god is) can we all stop this constant whining and self pity, there are people in this world who really are suffering and your constant whinging and victim claiming is an insult to the suffering these people go through. I feel I am living in a world of would be Peter Pan’s- people who claim to be victims because then they do not have to do the grown up thing and take responsibility.

It is all very much a case of ‘no show without Punch’

There is no show without Punch!!

Giving a clear insight into the problem – I don’t think so!!

Today I read an article from the Huffington Post, my attention having been grabbed by the dramatic headline

Patronised, Talked Down To And Harassed: Parliament’s Boys’ Club Culture Laid Bare

Now there’s an eye catching headline!

But lets look at the evidence it’s based on:-

208 females in houses of parliament were asked to complete a survey about bullying/ sexual harassment etc 40 responses given(19.2%),

this might suggest that 168 of them (80.8%) did not think it an issue.

3 in 10 of the respondents said they had been sexually harassed that actually = 12 people.

Just over half experienced bullying = 20 people, it is unclear if those subjected to sexual harassment are also in the numbers of those subjected to alleged bullying.

40% of the 40 respondents =16 said they had either received an complaint or lodged a complaint about harassment/ bullying  so this includes those who were alleged victims-

Over half of the respondents said the situation in parliament was worse than in previous jobs, there is no actual number given so this could be anything from 50.1% and is therefore to ambiguous to have significant meaning.

Finally 57.5% of the 40 respondents = 23 people felt it was harder to get things done in parliament if you were a woman.

Whilst any kind of harassment is wrong, only the Huffington post could come up with this dramatic headline based on 19.2% of the female population of parliament. In reality if we assume those who did not respond were not victims then it means less than 10% of the females in parliament said they were subject to inappropriate behaviour.

Ahhh I hear you cry, you cannot assume that those who did not respond had never been subjected to inappropriate behaviour and you are of course right; but equally you cannot assume they have been victims of this uninvited behaviour, either way it does not support the dramatic and misleading nature of the news report.

The fact is that there are few sad souls around like me who will actually look at the figures in more  detail, so they will have read the piece and been left with the (I suggest intended) impression that the house of parliament is a seething mass of hormone driven out of control males. I think the results probably reflect behaviour in other organisations, not that I am for one minute suggesting this is O.K.

Another thing to consider is whether or not the behaviour was from one or more individuals and was the bullying from males/ females or both, as we know both are capable of these behaviours. The truth is that on closer scrutiny this report does not support the headline suggestion of parliament having a ‘boys club culture’.

Would a more appropriate headline be

Twenty  of the 208 females in parliament report being bullied and 12 report having been sexually harassed.

But would that have grabbed as much attention?

No, probably not, however it would have been accurate so it begs the question

‘Does the Huffington Post want to be taken seriously or not’? If it does it needs to hugely improve the quality of its reporting, currently I think it deserves to be awarded first place in the toilet tissue holder!!

I expect the media to take a responsible approach to their  job of keeping the public informed, I don’t expect these so called journalists to keep spewing forth this inaccurate shit. This is an insult to serious and reliable journalism.

Read the article and decide for yourself

Giving a clear insight into the problem – I don’t think so!!

So people can no longer afford to buy a house – Whose fault is it really?

All we keep hearing is :

There are not enough houses being built for the number of people who need them.

The government should do more to provide more housing’

Builders and developers are sitting of plots of land and not developing them even after planning permission has been given.

People will never be able to pay the mortgages because of the price of houses.

So what is the situation, who has a part to play in this scenario, is anyone at fault?

Let’s take a look at this more closely

Yes the government has a role to play, when council houses were first put on the market the money they generated was supposed to provide more social housing;  that was the Margaret Thatcher era and yet successive governments have failed to reinvest in proper social housing, choosing to go for the new terminology of ‘Affordable housing’. This raises the new question – affordable to who??

Then we have had – the rise of the new landlords, the portfolio builders who are buying up all of the houses first time buyers used to buy and ‘do up’. Affectionately known as the ‘doer uppers’, these landlords then they rent them to people for exorbitant and immoral rents that leave the tenants so fleeced their chances of ever being able to save for a new home are gone. Who are these landlords – well there seems to be 3 main categories:

We have the likes of Cheri Blair and son Ian who have swept the country buying up whole streets – because as she once revealed she is scared of being poor – well she doesn’t give a shit about who she might make poor!! No this is not fear, this is greed!

Then we have foreign landlords who have never set foot in the county and who have people finding properties for them to buy, which they then rent out at disgusting prices and they do not even pay tax on the earnings they get from the rent. Many of these individuals are also using the housing market to launder their own ill gotten gains.

And lets not forget those who are investing in housing so that they can leave their children well off – their children could of course get a job! But many of these people are the 30+ professional group who are selfishly happy to buy up housing stock through the bank of mum and dad, then they to go for the over priced rent.

I think that covers the vast majority of the landlords, but I am sure there will be a sprinkling of others who do not fall into these categories. Essentially we have a situation where everyone is looking to make a fast buck and couldn’t give a shit about how that affects others, it’s the ‘all about me’ campaign again!!

So what should we be doing? Well these are my thoughts, I am sure others have their own views;

There should be housing available where people do NOT need to find a huge deposit before they can rent the place, and they should be rented at reasonable rates, so that people on low incomes can afford them.

Non residential foreigners should not be allowed to buy more than one residential property, and they should pay the tax on any income they earn from that property at the higher rate.

Perhaps UK residents who are landlords should have to rent one house out at a lower rate for people on lower incomes and they register that property with the local council, the system could be that the first house you buy to rent out goes on the open rental market but second one goes on the council list of restricted rents.

The council needs to do 2 things build more proper social housing and manage its existing stock better than it currently does. There are large council properties with one elderly person in them who is unable to get upstairs or to manage the house. They need to be building 1 and 2 bedroomed bungalows and sheltered maisonettes/ flats in all areas so people can downsize but not move out of their immediate area, meaning they do not suddenly become even more socially isolated and they are still with neighbours they have known for years and who they trust. This would release many family homes, and might reduce the number of families sofa surfing/ living in bed and breakfast accommodation.  There needs to be a much wider range of council accommodation available and the council DOES need to be providing homes because the past 30yrs has shown just how the underlying greed of humans has reeked havoc in the housing market.

As to the builders and developers, they need to firstly be building houses that are suitable for family life, currently the living areas are so small a family of four is crowded in their own lounge, so everyone goes to their own room – hardly promoting good family life and quality time. There should be a minimum size of footprint for a house living quarters, i.e a minimum for a 3 bedroomed house, a different one for a four bedroomed house etc.

Those builders/ developers sitting on land where development had been agreed should have an agreed number of months in which to start the development with an agreed completion date; failure to meet these dates should incur a very large fine which should be paid to the local council.

So who’s fault is it – well clearly contrary to the opinion of the press there is no single guilty party, there are many people who are causing this problem which is compounded by the fact that we have had thousands of people come here to live and obviously they also want a home. They did not arrive unexpectedly, we knew they were coming so again successive governments AND developers/ builders have failed to make adequate provision.

The reality is that the builders and developers need to start pulling their fingers out and building, the government needs to look at who is accessing the help to buy scheme as currently tax payers money is helping to fund homes for young professionals who CAN afford to buy, and what return are we getting on or money??

I await with keen interest to see how Andy Burnham the Manchester mayor is going to resolve the homelessness problem in Manchester!! Perhaps he can come up with a model for everyone else.

But we all need to look at our priorities – there is no good spending £15000+ on a wedding if you cannot afford somewhere to live, that £15000 could have been your house deposit! Young couples do need to look at the money they waste on stag nights/ hen nights/ weddings and honeymoons, yes by all means celebrate but cut your cloth accordingly!

And lets look at the figures of low paid workers

paid on average £7. 15ph for a 40hr week =£300 per wk

= £15600 per year minus tax and national insurance = approx £14000 per year

= £1204 per month – rent £650 per month = £554 to live in, pay bills, clothing etc for the family!!



So people can no longer afford to buy a house – Whose fault is it really?

Is This a Social Experiment?

So I got up this morning and completed my usual ablutions then after dressing I had a hearty breakfast of a banana and a yogurt – so far so good. I checked the emails on the dreaded machine and listened to the local and national news as I sipped my morning mug of tea. A normal start to the day for me.

As I listened to the TV my interest was increased by the presence of the musician Professor Green, he talking about the paucity of opportunity for young white working class males and their falling levels of aspiration when it suddenly occurred to me, we have stopped talking about ‘the working class’, ‘the middle class’ and ‘the upper class’ and instead for some reason have turned on ourselves by redefining everything by gender, sexuality, race, culture and economic situation and as a consequence we have fragmented out society even further which has only had the result of weakening the position of the working class and reducing the opportunities for everyone. We have reached a stage where you have to have been seen as being a member of a ‘disadvantaged group’ to be given any chance in life, in other words we have become so self centred that we are at risk of losing the greater benefits of operating as a bigger group – as a community – as one of a large social group irrespective of our differences.

Surely it is time to move on and stop trying to gain benefits from social history’s affect on one particular social group. By this I mean we need to live in today’s world and look to securing the future instead of using perceived/ real historical wrongs to try to gain some advantage for our social group. Lets be honest none of us were there, times were different, social behaviour and norms were different, education and understanding were different and heaven forfend that any of us should suggest it, but the truth is always tainted by the bias of the storyteller. In other words there is always more than 2 sides to a story and irrespective of how many sides you identify there will always need to be the addition of ‘the truth’ – a concept we like to talk about and each feel we are exceptionally good at maintaining but in fact we are none of us as truthful as we like to think, everyone of us irrespective of who we are only ever tells the truth from our own perspective.

There are so many examples of ‘apparent truth’, we have the Scottish dislike of the English based on the belief that Scotland was invaded by the English, however when you research this you find a different background, and yet here we are today where some shops in Scotland will sell every world football team shirt EXCEPT and English one – WHY??

Then there are the lives still being affected by the North / South Irish history, surely there is a need to bury history there as well. All it is doing is damaging today’s communities, and you can guarantee half the stories told are embellished to the advantage of the storytellers agenda. Do people really want their great grandchildren to still be dying for something that happened long before they were born and is continuing to have an impact simply because people cannot bury the hatchets, but instead insist on reopening old wounds. Burying the hatchet is not saying it doesn’t matter or it didn’t happen it is simply saying ‘whether it happened or not I’m not going to let it continue to affect today’s community and life’. Whilst people continue to scratch the injuries they will fester and that will serve no positive purpose but to continually generate divisions and frictions. Look at the people who are usually at the front leadership of these movements, once they get in power then the ’cause’ is stopped, it is no longer important – food for thought and I like to give lots of that.

We talk about the horrors of black slavery and lets be honest it was horrendous, it was barbaric but it was not the actions of the entire non black community and it definitely was not down to the decisions of today’s society, so is there really a need for today’s society to apologise for the fact it happened and to tear down statues? Surely we should be looking at slavery as a whole and not just the slavery of one ethnic group. Nobody can deny that Africans were the greatest numbers of slaves transported across the globe but they were not the only slaves, there were thousands of white /Asian/ eastern slaves transported across the world and like Africans their own social groups were party to their enslavement.

Slavery affected many people, many were kept as slaves in their own country, look at the indigenous peoples of places such as Australia/ USA/ Canada, whilst others were transported – again it gets down to do we continue to plough our energy into getting apologies about our slavery history or dare I suggest it, do we look at our past experiences/ behaviour and plough our energy into preventing slavery happening today.

Yes for all the noise about the past actions of society slavery still exists in EVERY ethnic group. It could be the businessman of whatever ethnicity who pays poor wages and conditions to the individuals/family units from a whole range of ethnicities who enslave children and young people for sexual gain, or domestic / economic gain and I am talking world wide, this is not a concept/ practice peculiar to any one race, gender, sexuality, culture, country /economic group. Surely the greatest apology we can make for ALL previous slavery is to root it out and stop it happening today and to do that once again it gets back to working as a community not fragmenting the issue. Our predecessors I am sure would feel much more at rest if we stopped slavery instead of tearing down someones statue.

Anyway enough for now, just a few points for consideration, surely it is time to move on!!          

Is This a Social Experiment?

Have I missed something??

Has there been another election since Mrs Mays impoverished result last year?? If so when did it happen and why didn’t I as a voting member of the public know??

Have we had another referendum on BREXIT?? Again I have to ask when did this happen and why was I not given a vote??

Is Mr Barnier negotiating BREXIT with the government or every other person who wants a say, because if so why have I not been invited?? Believe me I would have a few things to say particularly about his arrogance which for any BREXITEERS will do nothing to warm people towards Europe, instead it is more likely to rightly/ wrongly confirm their beliefs.

When did Mr Barnier start to say what is best for our country, isn’t this the very reason many people voted to leave because they felt Europe was interfering in UK policies/ laws etc?? Why are we continuing to give this man the upperhand in any negotiations?? By doing so are we not feeding the belief that Europe is running this country?? And I see Mr Macron is flexing his oral muscles again demanding that we increase the number of refugees we take from Calais. I have to ask why are these people deliberately trying to alienate the British people because their behaviour is hardly going to change the minds of BREXITEERS or encourage others to want to stay. In addition Mr Macron needs to check up the meaning of child and refugee, he may find he needs to be using term such as young adult and economic migrants.

If we are ‘all in this together then why do I feel that I am in a country being usurped by the very people who claim to have out best interests at heart?

Surely whatever your position, it is now time for everyone to stick together and get the best deal for the UK instead of alienating potential foreign interest and trying to undermine current BREXIT negotiations.

Everyone is rattling on about Donald Trump, frankly I am fed up of hearing about the guy, he is a transient person, by the time Brexit is completed (given current time scales) the USA will be voting for a new president. Let’s be honest he is NOT our president, he was the Americans choice – get over it, and with regards to his visit to this country I can only say we have entertained worse in our time and we need to look beyond the person to the purpose. However you have to give Mr Trump some credit, if nothing else he has certainly increased the American people’s interest in politics. Also given their choices what were they to do? Continue to hand power to the corrupt elite of USA because the power of the USA is held by a minority group of families not the people – even the Obama’s were closely linked to the Kennedy’s, so hopefully if nothing else we will see new families coming to the White house in the future and today’s young American might think there is a chance they could be president, but hey that’s a different issue.

I feel Gina Miller made an excellent point on question time last week when she suggested  our politicians did not seem to know much about how to negotiating deals?? You cannot afford to disclose all your cards in the opening gambit, god help this bunch if they ever get into a game of Poker!

Has London become an independent state with its own prime minister in the form of Mr Khan? – I thought he was only the Mayor for the city of London, who is he to try to determine who visits our country? He needs to be aware the UK exists beyond the city of London. The lack of awareness that the UK is not all about London is a serious issue for those who live outside the hallowed area. It is NOT for Londoners to decide who visits our country a point Mr Khan would do well to take note of if he is aiming to work for the UK as a whole.

Let’s be honest WE the BRITISH people from the ENTIRE UK bailed out the banks and our thanks – to expect us to help bail them out with Corillion and to threaten to leave the UK if BREXIT goes through. Well thanks for that guys, you really make me feel appreciated as I continue to try to live on what was probably about one twentieth of your annual bonus!! You’ve got a bloody nerve!!

What I really want to know is what is the approach each party is taking, I apologise if that makes me seem completely thick but my understanding is as follows

Conservatives claim to be going for Brexit whatever the outcome – then we see these turkeys going off to have backroom chats with Mr Barnier, so what’s really going on there?? Is this called ‘you took my job away so now I’m not happy with you’? Well looking at the Corillion situation it looks as though someone’s job needs to be looked at – oh but I’m forgetting we have done that by looking at the lowest common denominator – the brickie, plasterer, cleaner etc

Labour – well I believe they intend to carry through with some form of BREXIT but seem incapable/ unable/ unwilling to explain what form their BREXIT would have, although be sure it will include continued immigration and membership of the single market – so is it BREXIT or not?? Time to put your cards on the table chaps, or are you more interested in making the UK a socialist state and if so I would like to know of an example where this has been a good thing for THE PEOPLE, I agree that in common with every other form of politics the leaders always do well out of it, but what about us pawns on the board of life, we are usually worse off under a socialist strategy so what will make it different this time??? You are already trying to make sure Mr Corbyn can only be replaced by a socialist – now that hardly bodes well does it??

To be fair to the Lib Dems they have at least said categorically that they do not want to leave Europe and will have another referendum – at least they have pinned their colours to the mast rightly or wrongly, depends on your point of view.

Plaid Cymru – well they want another referendum and want to stay in Europe – an interesting stance since the majority of Wales said leave. So who are they actually representing.

SNP – want to stay within Europe – again interesting since when they were campaigning for independence they were quite happy to give up membership to get independence, then try to get separate membership but with Europe telling them no chance, that did not deter their campaign, so what’s changed there? What is their real agenda?

The greens have had some strange approaches which shouldn’t surprise us after their former leader announced all white women should only be allowed to have sex with men of colour as that would eventually get rid of racism – a strange view given that racism is not all about skin colour. So what do they really want?

DUP – they claim to be supporting the BREXIT agenda through their paid for alliance to the conservatives, but are they really?? Or is there too much history there for that to be a productive alliance, they certainly like to be seen to be making the conservatives squirm before they give their support – not a helpful approach, so what do they really want??

Sinn Fein – Now what is their agenda for Southern Ireland?? Neither them or DUP should be using this crucial negotiation to determine what happens to the UK as an excuse to further their own Nth/ Sth Irish agenda, and perhaps the Southern Irish government needs to think back a few years and ask themselves who financially bailed them out when they were in trouble with the Euro?? It certainly wasn’t Europe. So again we don’t really know what their agenda is.

Now call me simple minded I really don’t care, but I do care about the future of this country and take this opportunity to remind all mp’s you are being paid to represent the people of this great country not to grind your own axes, looking at the summaries above, god forbid,  you really do not give out much hope for any of us

So  Have I missed another vote on the future of this county and if so why and when was it??   

Have I missed something??

Here we go again – learning to live with democracy

Can’t believe the year is only into day 2 and already the anti- Brexiteers ( in the form of Elouise Todd) are rattling their sabres and gnashing their teeth. I thought they would have learned what a democracy is by now, but I should have known better after all these are the same people who grew up being told there were no losers at sports day and living in the age of immediate gratification. And before you all start assuming which side of the argument my loyalties are with that is entirely irrelevant this is about the need to preserve our democracy, a democracy that has served this country well over the years. You only have to look at what is happening in countries where there is no democracy to see where we could end up if we continue this nonsense.

We don’t have much to choose from really, we have the rich conservatives who invariably have to save us from the wild extravagances of the labour party but then use them as the excuse to continue to squeeze the population dry – they should look around them and see the common factor in worlds areas of insurgence is the evidence of huge disparity between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’, there is only so much people will put up with.There needs to be a rebirth of philanthropy among our wealthy citizens instead of the current ‘ I’m alright Jack attitude’.

As an alternative we have the so called labour party who have got us into so much debt in the first place – yes Tony Blair I am talking about you and your mob, you people who like to pretend you are not the wealthy elite whilst your wife and sons sweep the country buying up all the cheaper properties so that you can do them up and ask extortionate rents – because you fear being poor!!   The same labour party now headed up by a socialist leader pretending he is the man of the people, yet he is also one of the elite wealthy – he doesn’t mention that much. And his promises of a better future all based on vague innuendo and no substance. But all credit to him he is a great campaigner especially as he pretends he is going to give the young free university education. This is the same man who is promoting a political ideology which has been shown over time to produce even more elite wealthy individuals in government who look after themselves at the expense of the rest of us; we can already see the embers of that fire glowing as he talks about ensuring he can only be replaced by another socialist leader. I defy anyone to name me a socialist country where there is not an elite wealthy political class and where there is still a democracy.

Then there are all the other parties and essentially most are so ideologically based they will only ever appeal to the few and never serve the many. The reality is that if everyone looks at the interests if the country instead of their own ideals this mix of ideologies should enable us to have a great Brexit and future.

BUT having said all of that being a democracy means we still get to vote and whether a party wins by 1 or 600 votes we have to learn to live with it, believe me I have faced many disappointments in my time and so it is with Brexit. The Brexiteers won and the remainers lost, and that is the reality of life so trying to overturn the vote is really about trying to over rule the democratic process; and to make comments such as the Brexiteers not understanding what they were voting for is pure arrogance, all because they did not vote remain it does not mean they don’t know what they were doing, time may show that the remainers had it all wrong or that everyone was wrong however that doesn’t matter now, what does matter is that the time has come when we must get behind the Prime minister and go with the democratic vote so we can make the best of the situation to ensure that there can be a very good outcome.

This is not a time to be so divided as it gives the EU the upper hand, a good business negotiator would never reveal his/her hand until they have to and so in a democratic way we need to pursue the interests of OUR country – don’t let us be deceived by the EU who have a long term plan of their own which may challenge the very basis of our democracy, the more I hear of Europe’s plans for their single European future the more I fear the Brexiteers may be right. We could be damned if we stay and equally damned if we don’t. The fact that the government has a mix of Brexiteers and remainers should ensure a fairly balanced approach to the exit from Europe. This negotiation needs us all to work together – you know the old adage regularly tossed around the workplace about ‘TEAM WORK’!

So Elouise Todd whilst leaving the EU might not be what YOU wanted, you are one of a minority group, you will do better to try to positively influence the final deal rather than attempting to reverse the process, because for good or bad we need to keep our democracy. At the moment a key question to be asked is whether we want the government or the media to decide this country’s future and I for one would prefer to throw my hat in with the government.

It’s time to make this a great Brexit deal by not allowing the EU or the media to call the shots, that would not be democratic.


Here we go again – learning to live with democracy

UK Politicians – Nanny is no longer here! It’s time to grow up!

If ever there was a need for a real life Mary Poppins it’s now! Westminster seems to have turned into a kindergarten of squabbling children who- for reasons best known to themselves – usually self interest, find themselves with short memories on their previous performances and an inability to tell the truth! I know one of our governments educational goals for years has been to improve the Maths attainment of students across the country. One can only assume that is based on their inability to correctly calculate anything! My evidence for this – well we need look no further than the election manifestos. The conservatives seem unable to give us even a ball park figure whilst Labour are truly living in La La land with their figures. And we – the public are supposed to make informed decisions based on this lack of information from one party or delusional beliefs of the other. In that way when it all goes wrong they can blame us by saying they were just trying to give us what we wanted!! No surprises there then!!

And then we get to the point scoring behaviour,

Point 1 – we have the BBC who for some strange reason seems to have missed the fact that despite Theresa May having a reduced number of seats, she does have the majority of the seats (some 50+ more seats than anyone else) and so whether we like it or not the Conservatives have WON the election, albeit that they need the help of the DUP to give them an extra boost when ministers are voting. I’m not sure why Laura Koenssberg keeps referring to the out come as though Conservatives have lost – wildly misleading.

Point 2 – the suggestion that Conservatives are now mixing with terrorists by consorting with the DUP! Interestingly for those who have forgotten, the DUP and for that matter the Sinn Fein party, have for some years now both been taking an active role in politics, especially in Northern Ireland and both parties are seen within Westminster as being legitimate political parties. In fact both Labour and Conservatives have urged the British population to accept both parties as legitimate political groups so the question now is

Why is it no longer acceptable for the conservatives to have an agreement with the DUP?

The fact is that whether you voted Labour or Conservative it doesn’t matter as you will still end up with one or other or possibly both of these supposed terrorist parties in government. Theresa May needs the DUP and Jeremy Corbyn needs them both! So I’m not sure why Jeremy and the Labour party are suddenly making an issue about this, after all Jeremy has a personal and political friendship with Sinn Fein. Lets be honest these two groups hated everything they each stood for, now if they can get over themselves surely Westminster can deal with the situation.

Point 3 – Theresa May has made some clear gaffs, I don’t know who is advising the woman but if she is advising herself then she needs to get the opinion of others in her party. She is making some right cock ups, but not ones that can’t be dealt with – however it doesn’t exactly boost the confidence of the public and for the countries conservative voters this must be a nervous time. Theresa you need to get a grip and start working as a party, why on earth you have brought Mr Gove back into your party is quite beyond me, but hey its not my problem. I don’t need to be watching my back, but I strongly suggest you watch yours.

Point 4 – Labour’s Maths just do not add up and you only have to look at their history to know that every  time they get into power they leave this country in incredible debt!Conservatives move in and in comes the austerity measure to get the country’s finances back in order. But then they get addicted to austerity and push that agenda too far AND they need to look at who should pay back the debts. For a start off not one banker from any of the baled out banks should have had a bonus until they had repaid the public purse, and if they want to go abroad rather than pay off their debts then let’s see who would have them!! I have to agree with Jeremy that in many ways this country is run for the wealthy and not the rest of us, however this revolutionary approach of Mr Corbyn’s is equally wrong, I do not want this country in  more debt especially since we have no real idea of what awaits us after Brexit, we need to be as financially robust as possible to improve our possible outcomes post Brexit. So no Mr Corbyn, as a wealthy individual you can afford to take financial risks, the rest of us cannot so stop playing with our future well being.

Point 5 – Whether we like it or not Brexit will happen and all this journalistic mumbo jumbo about soft or hard Brexit is a  complete nonsense. We have the public wish to control our own borders, migration levels and laws – anything that affects the free movement of people means we must leave the single market. Both party leaders have confirmed in their manifesto’s that we are taking back control of these areas and therefore that means the suggestion/ belief that having Labour in government will mean we have a soft Brexit is a nonsense and should be stated instead of Mr Corbyn giving people the impression that he can get a soft Brexit. Both parties should be honest about this whole situation, this is the future of our country and at the moment I’m not feeling any confidence in anyone!

Point 6 – hate to say it guys but the votes are in, we are living in a democracy and as such the first past the winning post / the person with the most seats wins the game.

The end results for the vote on BREXIT – majority voted out of Europe, if people wanted to stay in Europe they should be voting Liberal Democrats because they were the only party with the balls to say they would not leave Europe and it cost them the election. instead most people have voted for Labour and Conservatives which means most people want to leave Europe- in fact indication is that it is more than those who voted yes in the Brexit referendum!!

Point 7 – how to  behave in the face of a national disaster – I can only say that both leaders of the 2 biggest parties have behaved in  an unacceptable way. And both should look at their behaviour and learn because they will get nowhere if they continue to behave in this way. Theresa you need to get out and meet people; you keep talking about ‘ordinary people’ as though we are a different species! If you are not careful you  will soon be one of the ‘ordinary people’. Just remember you are employed by US!! You work for US, so start treating us as your employer and not some weird species. Go and meet the victims, show your human side, yes money will be needed but showing you can feel their loss and pain costs nothing and is much more appreciated. Not a good move Theresa, even if you are under a lot of stress!

As for you Jeremy, well you should be ashamed of yourself for trying to gain political points from this horrendous fire in London. Yes the truth should come out but you need to prepare yourself for your parties role in this disaster. Your behaviour was divisive and only stirred up trouble, now we see groups such as ANTIFA and Movement for Justice both grabbing the opportunity to turn this whole thing into a violent assault on the very emergency services who have just risked life and limb to save people in that fire and the recent terrorist events. You now have a responsibility to the victims and the survivors and emergency services to get out there and make sure this antagonistic group do not turn this into some pseudo – political action!! The consequences of their behaviour will lie partially at your door. Learn when to make rallying calls and raise your game so that you are not breaking down social cohesion, you called the social cohesion in Manchester inspirational, the community at Grenfell have been equally inspirational don’t use them in your own political games.

Point 8 – YES there has to be a full investigation into what happened at Grenfell Tower, it doesn’t matter who was living there people should feel their home is safe. I hope this is not going to be another case where a Judge cashes in by spending 2/3 years reaching a decision at £200 an hour. All political parties have a responsibility to make sure public money is not wasted in this investigation, people do not have to wait years to get the results and compensation if they are entitled to it. You are right there is a need for a speedy but thorough investigation, however these extremist groups should not be trying to kid people into thinking identities can be made quickly, they can’t, the forensic science required will take time, look at how long it took to identify bodies after the Dutch aeroplane was blown up. Burned bodies are not easy to identify; equally we cannot be risking the lives of firemen or the police to go into an unsafe building.

My final point is this, stop this stupid point scoring, be more honest with the public, politics may just be a job for you but it is our future so stop putting us at risk and remember there are somethings that should be above politics and disasters  is one of them, no  one should be scoring points, as I think we may find both parties have some responsibility.

I expect better from my political leaders!





UK Politicians – Nanny is no longer here! It’s time to grow up!