Equal Pay for Equal work – It Seems a Fair Deal!

I think you will have to search long and hard to find people who do not agree that everyone should get the same rate of pay for doing the same job- irrespective of age, gender, sexuality, ability etc. The truth is you would have to be something of a dinosaur to think otherwise. In the world today, the job should be evaluated and the respective rate of pay determined; it should not be based on any other factors and indeed the law in the UK anyway supports that stance. Any employers not paying a going rate for the job to everyone is liable to legal action.

Now that being the case and given that there are not huge numbers of legal cases waiting to go to court where does the gender pay gap fit in??? Let’s be honest it would be very unusual for the legal world not to jump into the argument if they thought there was a pound or two in it for them. So what is it all about?

Unusually (said with tongue in cheek), the media are whipping up a storm of confusion about pay rates and it worries me that we now have female MP’s jumping on the bandwagon – my god these MP’s are supposed to have the brains to run our country and yet they do not seem to understand the basics around the alleged gender pay gap!!

Basically if you are a cleaner working for a business and the pay rate is £7.80 per hour that’s what you will get, it will not matter what your gender/ sexuality is. The same applies to all jobs, if you are a basic grade newly qualified nurse you will get the same pay as your peers irrespective of gender/ sexuality. Where the problem arises is when people start to try to compare some jobs with other jobs, recent examples have been working in warehouse deliveries at a supermarket being compared to working on the shop floor; another was comparing jobs in the airline industry such as pilot and cabin crew. This is a false comparison as it arguably is not comparing like with like. So where does the gender issue arise, there is nothing stopping females from becoming pilots/ warehouse delivery personnel just as there is nothing preventing males from becoming shop floor workers/ cabin crew and indeed there are examples of each of these things happening resulting in shop floor workers male and female receiving the same rate of pay according to their grade/ age.

So the gender pay gap is NOT about the rate of pay for the job you do, it is about your earning capacity over your working lifetime. The argument being made is that on average the females will earn less than their male counterparts over their working life because they will not hold as many of the senior posts which attract a higher pay rate, THAT fact is probably very true but does that mean women are being treated less favourably?? Well that depends on how you look at it.

If we look at the average couple with children, the female gives up her career aspirations to have the babies and look after them, then she works part time to fit things around school/ because the nursery fees are high or because the couple only want the free nursery hours. This will probably cover many households but the reality is the female only needs to be off work for 6weeks post delivery unless she had a section when depending on what her job is she may need to be off for 12weeks. After the medical reasons for having time off are taken into account there is no reason why the remainder of any leave cannot be divided between both parents, subsequently having less of an impact on either person’s career; but the truth is that it is usually the female who decides to take ALL of the leave – often leaving the male feeling left out of the bonding process, resulting in her having a career break or missing promotion opportunities at work, so yes her over all average earnings will be less than that of her male counterpart. But NO it is not because she HAS to take the time off to look after the children, she only HAS to take the 6-12 weeks off post delivery, any other time taken is by choice or as a result of her agreement with her partner.

Lets go on to consider the single  parent – don’t forget not ALL single parents are female and the reasons why any parent is single are very varied from choice /divorce/ separation/ death to name the most obvious causes. And yes irrespective of why you are single things are more difficult to manage on your own and your choices are different, that includes those females – some of whom I worked with, who made a conscious decision to give up a professional full time job to do part time in the same job – because if they worked more than 16hrs they would lose the benefits they would otherwise be able to claim!! They had calculated that by claiming state benefits and working 16hrs they were at least as well off as they were when they worked full time so why bother doing the full time when they would be no worse off doing 16hrs! Believe me it was galling to listen to females who were in well paid professional jobs who decided to get pregnant – more than once because the finances only worked out if you had a minimum of 2 children!! These were women who made a conscious well planned lifestyle choice!

Then there are the single female parents who only live on state benefits and have no intentions of working, they are now furious and upset because the government has put a maximum level on the amount they can receive irrespective of how many children they have. I must admit to thinking that is fair, after all if there was a new baby expected in my family I could not go to my boss and automatically get a pay rise to feed another mouth, I would have to manage my finances better. And before lots of you go off shouting about how poor people on benefits really are I have two nieces on benefits, both have more than one child, one works 16hrs and gets her benefits, the other with 4 children was receiving the equivalent of £28,000 per anum, this included free nursery, all school breakfasts and lunches, her rent and council tax and water rates – not bad eh!! I wouldn’t mind but both these young ladies have a good degree, but neither is paying that back either!! These single parents again have made lifestyle choices.

Now for those parents who find themselves launched into an unplanned single parent situation the whole business can be traumatic whether they are male or female and I do think employers should have to be flexible and make some time allowance available for these people to get themselves sorted out, but this is not just a female matter so it would impact on career opportunities irrespective of the person’s gender.

So back to the gender pay gap; it is argued that many women have a reduction in earning opportunities because they HAVE to take low paid work to fit around their family demands – well clearly they do not. They cannot be forced from the job they held just because they are pregnant and that job has to be kept for them for the duration of their legally allowed maternity leave, so the choice to leave the job/ take lower paid work is theirs as their employers are also legally required to offer flexible working for the first 5yrs after the child is born – again for those worried about the impact on their career the leave can be taken by the male or the female.

On the face of it this whole argument is looking very thin and lacks substance as it is very much down to choices. Where the situation is very different is if the person is on a zero hours contract or self employed when irrespective of gender there can be a serious impact on the family finances if there is suddenly a crisis that results in the need to adjust your life to accommodate child care.

So does the gender pay gap really mean

female gets pregnant – takes 1yr leave- may be supported by partner whilst on leave – returns to work part time for own reasons- cannot do the full job remit on reduced hours- loses experience – does not want greater work responsibilities – child grows up – female wants to resume full career – sees her male counterparts who have been working full time hours and had no breaks making greater career advances – female feels left behind – Feels everything is Unfair – Starts claiming gender pay gap!

The reality is that even if the pay rate never changed from £15 an hour for 30years a person working 36hrs a week will earn more in 30yrs  (total earned=£842,400 )than someone who gets the same rate of pay but works 10 of the 30yrs at half the hours (Total earned =£678600) In this example the pay gap is £163,800 less earned in a lifetime,

  • but is it a gender pay gap??
  • NO, because if a male took the same career break decision the outcome would be the same!!

Now if a female returns to work and get everything up to full speed again but constantly get overlooked for promotion then we have an issue, BUT THIS IS NOT A PAY GAP it is a loss of career opportunity based on gender so it is inequality of opportunity, which, if it happens in the UK is against the law; so again if this is the problem

  • Why do we not have lawyers like swarms of bees round the honey pot on this one?


Sorry ladies but it is beginning to look like you want your cake and eat it, the situation is exactly the same where males take time out of work/ career breaks/ reduce their hours for domestic reasons, therefore this is not a gender issue, you may argue that it affects more women but again much of that is because of choices they make.

Interesting that once again it is the rich females complaining, those who are on VERY good salaries!

Is there not more merit in fighting the corner for those poor sods on the minimum wage and zero hour contracts, they are working the asses off but getting no- where. These are the people who deserve our support and help, these are the REAL poor people of our country. These are the poor sods who are employed by people who couldn’t give a shit about what happens to that person or their family if they get zero hours.

  • So before we start worrying about how much women earn over a lifetime after they have made their choices, lets look after those people who have jobs that do not allow them to make choices and who do not have the luxury of having paid sick leave never mind having long maternity leave!


  • What will they earn over their life time- irrespective of their gender? It’s guaranteed that it is a damned site less than those who are twittering on about some imaginary ‘gender pay gap’


Equal Pay for Equal work – It Seems a Fair Deal!

Good for you Jimmy Tarbuck!!

Well done Jimmy Tarbuck!!!


At last it seems that the male species is beginning to respond to this constant vilification of men.

Yes Mr Tarbuck is quite right the rules should apply to everyone!!

Are all men guilty of sexual harassment or sexual abuse?

Are these accusations justified??

Is Jimmy going to be left to stand up for justice on his own?

Are men going to continue to take these accusations and this tongue lashing without an attempt to defend themselves!!

Or are they going to get behind Jimmy and defend themselves??

To ignore what is being said is to confirm it’s accuracy.

Is abuse in all it’s forms a male characteristic only, and are women the innocent victims of such behaviour


Is this more a case of social boundaries have fallen to such a degrading low that it is time to redefine the rules and boundaries for people of all sexualities?



Good for you Jimmy Tarbuck!!

This witch hunt has to stop!!

Today I find myself getting increasingly frustrated by people alleging to be feminists – are they really feminists?

Do they really have the interests of women in general in mind?

Is this really about fair play and equality.

I bloody well don’t think so!!!!

We are currently facing a huge number of claims of historic sexual abuse from both men and women so why is it that the women seem to think it’s all about them when it should be about the sexual behaviour of everyone. I’m not seeing the male victims all clamoring for inclusion, in fact I’m not seeing much support for the male victims at all.  You don’t get the same media coverage,  could that be because it is now mainly female journalists???


We have females who have chosen the ‘ladette’ world but only on their terms i.e  I will go out and get drink and wear almost no clothing, I will lose control of my ability to make sensible judgements and decisions then when I don’t like the consequences, I will blame someone else because it certainly couldn’t be my fault.

As was recently stated by a celeb – when women said they wanted equality no-one was expecting them to behave in an immoral and ladette fashion, but having chosen to do that no-one was expecting them to claim it was the fault of everyone else.

Has no – one watched the reality TV program following the police on duty at weekend in a city centre? If you haven’t then you should, it’s an education in just what today’s feminism is getting women

It is called taking responsibility for your own decisions – if some guy goes out gets drunk and makes some crass decision I don’t see everyone saying “well he was drunk, someone should have stopped him” No he’s told ‘ Sorry mate, you chose to drink, now you have to pay the consequences’.

The bottom line is that everyone should behave in a sexually respectful manner towards others irrespective of their sexuality, and as adults everyone has responsibility for their own decisions. Damn it everyone should be respectful in All of their behaviour.

For the many female celebs who are ALL now claiming to have been assaulted – I DON’T THINK SO!! If things are so depraved in your workplace then why have you still encouraged your OWN children to join this toxic and clearly perverted world?

And what gives you the right to hound and victimise other female celebs who claim they were unaware of this behaviour. You do not know what they saw or did not see.

For those of you who are trying to equate having someone touch your bottom or back to the rape of one of your peers SHAME ON YOU!! You are a bigger insult to the seriously assaulted person than if you had just kept quiet. All of this ‘#me too’ stuff smacks of ‘I want to be part of this and if I just show this I can be a part of it without ever having to explain what NEVER happened’!!

So why am I having this rant – because now it is about sacking people from their job simply because they attended the Dorchester event – NOT because they did something wrong! Namely the vice principle of a university, I don’t know this individual, I am responding to a news report where a feminist student is demanding he is sacked-

NO the guy has done nothing wrong!

So does this mean that if I go to a friends wedding and the best man starts to behave inappropriately I should be sacked for being there? Because that’s where this is going.

NO, I’m sorry this is completely wrong, this whole business is getting completely out of hand and reminds me of the allegations of witchcraft that tore families apart in the early 1990’s, when social workers snatched a huge number of children from their beds in the middle of the night on some flimsy, and in many cases malicious allegation, but with no real evidence.

It is also reminiscent of the situation when other children were removed from parents who were accused of sexual assault, based on the say so of one doctors flawed method of medical evidence.

The children and the families in these circumstances were never shown any evidence and many never got their children back DESPITE them being proven innocent – because the state had given the children to adoptive parents!


So do stop this complete and utter nonsense IF someone has done something wrong then the law says they should go through a just process where the evidence should be presented and they should have the opportunity to defend themselves. Employment law demands the same thing. And let’s be honest if it was any of us we would be looking at industrial tribunals for unfair dismissal.


The young women who were groped at the Dorchester SHOULD press charges against the perpetrators, this should not all be dealt with on the say so of one undercover journalist who admits she was not personally subject to any of the serious abuse.

So to all the feminists out there

Stop hounding people out of their jobs just because they are male, you would not want that to happen if it were females involved. We should be investigating ALL allegations properly. As recent legal cases have shown not ALL allegations are true!

Stop trying to further your cause by demanding scalps for everything; you lose your own credibility, get out there and find the evidence, then go through the proper channels.

To the media –

You need to remember you are there to inform us of what is going on not to twist everything to suit your own agenda. You are supposed to give a fair and balanced report – so why do we not have the male journalists following the all women parties/ LGBT parties? You are partly responsible, as over the years you have paid millions to women only to willing to reveal their sexual behaviour for a price.

You are happy to print pictures and hound celebs, you are also happy to print/ report whatever gets the cash in.

My message to you is – remember hacking phones!!

To ALL the petition signers-

To those who sign these pathetic and completely falsified petitions – why don’t I set one up to have some random shop assistant/ teacher /nurse removed  from their job because I don’t like them or better still just because I can, after all I can put any reason I like on the petition, I don’t actually have to prove it happened to get you all to sign it!! Think about it – signed any petitions recently? Did you see or check the evidence before you signed??

To the women out there

Can you in all honesty say that the current climate being applied to all men is fair? What happens when your husband/ partner/ father/ brother is sacked on the say so of a female who was then not expected to provide evidence because the affected man will not be getting the chance to defend himself.

Let’s not all do a Hilary Clinton  -when it affects her husband the woman is basically a tart who was not worth the air she breathed, but when it affects other men the women have been abused. Now there’s a double standard from someone claiming to support the feminist  cause and rights of women, but hey, like the press she is using it to try to further her own agenda.

See Jan 26 2018 New York Times – politics section

And finally to the men –

‘Wake up and smell the coffee’ – you should be out there demanding the same equality the women want, you should be defending your rights instead of simply buckling under.  Just going along with this whole business is no longer an option.

Challenge the bad behaviour of your peers and press charges on females who sexually assault you – has any female  put their hand on your knee/ touched your bum/back lately uninvited??

Anyone see Tom Cruise on Graham Norton show where Rebecca Ferguson couldn’t keep her hands of his leg, haven’t heard any outcry, but then neither should we. But if it had been the other way around – well can you imagine what the press would have to say ????







This witch hunt has to stop!!

All women want is fairness, equality, less sexism, no misogyny and a bit more respect

Well it would be fair to say the ladies have been grabbing the headlines this week as they demand more respect, fairness, equality, less sexism and the end of misogyny!!


I can’t see anything wrong with that, after all aren’t the first 3 points a legal entitlement under the Human Rights Act???

Should we be applauding these ladies who are standing up for their rights and who are banding together in sisterhood, surely they deserve a huge amount of credit as they have raised the public awareness of the more seedy behaviour of their male counterparts,


Should we be defending those on the receiving end, those men who have lost their jobs/reputations/ income/ social standing based on allegations rather than the facts from any investigation?

Is there really any room to sympathise with these tawdry self serving, clearly ‘guilty’ males; after all many of these women have spent years being disbelieved isn’t it time the men found out what that is like?

Are women really demanding too much or are their demands not only reasonable but highly desirable? Well lets look at what they are asking for

Fairness in all aspects of life.

To be treated with respect.

To be able to walk about in public at any time of the day with next to no clothes on.

To be able to stand in front of the TV cameras in see through clothes without anyone looking at their body or commenting on it.

To get rid of the pay gap.

To be free from unwanted sexual remarks being directed at them.

Not to be sexually harassed.

To be spoken to in appropriate terms

To have flexible working so they can fit it around home life.

To be able to get as drunk as they wish without being at risk of being abused or assualted

To say they do not want sexual activity to continue and be listened to.

To make physical contact with men as and when they choose.

Not to be stalked/ hit.

They want the right to anonymity if they have reported a rape.

Well with the exception of the lack of clothing or the issues around see through clothing (which I agree might just be an issue for me), they don’t seem to want anything outrageous. Obviously this is not an exhaustive list so lets just look at some of the things the desire for equality, respect and fairness might include, because lets be honest these women are only asking to be treated in the same way they would treat others, and why should men have greater advantages?

So let’s continue

They want to be able to

Abuse / hit their male partners without it being seen as unacceptable and without it affecting their job/ social standing/ income.

Although they could share maternity leave with their partner – no they want the maternity leave AND the promotion.

They want to be able to go on a girls night out and use foul language directed at anyone within earshot.

They want to be able to have a girls night out where they can grope young men or make personal and sexual comments about them.

They want to be automatically seen as the preferred parent in cases of divorce and child custody.

They want the right to decide when to get pregnant without consulting the prospective father and then

They want the right to have the father pay maintenance for the next 18yrs if they do not share the parenting.

They want the right to decide to have an abortion or not, after all it is their body.

They want men to be dressed when in public areas.

They want the right to anonymity when they  falsely say they have been raped.

Well the list could go on and include both the acceptable things and the questionable things women want, but if women are genuinely seeking to have equality, fairness and respect they need to get off the moral high ground because they are not all innocent just as not all men are guilty.

Anyone compared the behaviour of a hen night with the reported behaviour at the Dorchester hotel event? If you did you might be able to find quite a lot of similarities.

I wonder was this more about the fact that this was rich men having a men’s night out rather than the behaviour, all of which you could find being presented by all sexes at any bar, in any city on any Saturday night. It doesn’t make it right but it equally doesn’t make it a ‘male only’ issue

    Ladies don’t forget it is a two way street.

All women want is fairness, equality, less sexism, no misogyny and a bit more respect

In the year ahead women can do SO much better!!

So I thought I would follow a time honored tradition and reflect on the past years public arena events, well why not after all the climate of today is all about hanging your dirty washing out in public!!

I suppose we could start by saying it has been the usual sleaze in the headlines and in social media; who can we have a go at next? Who is to be the next condemned person with no apparent real crime? Who simply doesn’t know how to dress properly/ behave properly? Who has the wrong body shape, skin colour, religion, politics,culture or social class and more importantly WHO has taken it upon themselves to make these socially important decisions about what the rest of us should be doing, thinking and taking action about? But remember you can only do this in a way that pleases these perfect individuals who have decided what we lesser beings are supposed to be doing in the first place. So where to start, well in this post I thought I would look at the controversial rise of women against abuse.

So, congratulations to all those women have used the latter part of the year to grab the public arena and expose the abuse they have suffered over the years and there is absolutely no disagreement from most quarters that this abuse is outrageous and completely unacceptable. These revelations do however raise other interesting questions of moral conscience and this time it is about the women themselves and their role in the perpetuation of this abusive behaviour, such as ‘how could you sit back and watch other young actresses meet the same fate from the same disgustingly behaved individuals, especially knowing some of these women were friends/ relatives of you the abused person’? Why on earth would anyone in their right mind go to someones hotel room and sit on the bed to discuss their future career (at 16yrs my parents had made it clear that this was no place for any form of innocent liaison)- how much did you want the career, even if you did not expect the price to be so high? So lets be honest about your part in your abuse – not that you deserved the abuse but did you leave yourself open to the risk of this treatment? Before you get on your righteously indignant podium, think about is another way, I mean I should be able to go out and leave my valuables safely at home, but if I get robbed because I did not cover all security bases then I contributed to being robbed. Now whilst that is not morally right it is a fact, and the same principle applies in many other situations including abuse

And what about the support teams to these abusive individuals – was it that you were prepared to turn a blind eye for years as long as you kept your job and/ were paid handsomely to keep quiet, is that why you were complicit in enabling these assaults to take place, because lets be honest you certainly were not naively innocent? I feel that whilst we rightly condemn the behaviour of these men and accept that they alone were responsible for their behaviour, if this type of abuse is to stop there is a need for everyone to acknowledge their role in enabling it to take place and that means everyone with the slightest link whatever their gender/ role, be they victim, bystander or perpetrator.

When looking at how abuse is facilitated I feel another area we need to review is that of who creates the public image of these celebrities. Lets be honest we have celebrities who gain their status because they have a talent, then there are those who have it bestowed upon them whether or not they want it, simply because they are related to a celebrity. Of course we also have those who actually don’t have a talent but are prepared to do anything to get into the public arena for example behaving badly on programs such celebrity big brother/ the Jeremy Kyle show.

It has to be said that we the general public play a big part in that development, we follow the badly behaved and the more badly behaved people are, the better; what does that tell us about ourselves? Well I would venture to suggest it tells us what bully’s we are and how in reality much though we have this ‘let’s care about each other veneer’ really there are things in which we are self serving and we enjoy seeing the discomfort and distress of others; we do of course console ourselves with the thought that’ well they are getting a load of money for this suffering’ and they volunteered themselves. Perhaps we should be thinking more about should we even be watching this type of ‘entertainment’,  perhaps we need to ask ourselves if that’s why the abuse in the entertainment world and other areas of life perpetuates – because we subconsciously think -‘ it’s OK if they get paid loads of money’.

Then we have the image makers, those who make a fortune persuading celebrities it is in their interests to wear as little as possible in public and to pay a fortune for it! It seems to me the less fabric their is in an outfit these days the more expensive it is. These people are just as abusive, tell me when we last saw the creators of these ‘daring’ outfits actually wearing one themselves – you will struggle hard to find one, also how many of these image makers are men deciding how women should dress. Why do we accept that women are dressed to sell sex but the guys continue to turn up looking good in the tux / suit. Let’s be honest you don’t see the male singers gyrating on stage and almost naked and yet not only do they sell songs, attract mass following most of them last much longer than the women. You watch a new female star develop on stage and before you know it she’s gone from ‘the girl next door look’ to the tart released from the boudoir!! If you need to expose yourself to sell your record it doesn’t say much about the song. So what’s the deal, think about it, is it ‘Hey great song, you’ve got a great future but you’ll need to get your kit off if you really want to be big in the music industry’?

The nearest you get for the guys is this pointless need to grab their own crotch as part of their dance/ to expose their chests. But the women – no they have to simulate sex and almost fully expose themselves in the sad belief that this is glamorous – it isn’t its abuse by your image makers, ask yourself when you agreed to get on stage minus your kit!! Look at some of the music videos without listening to the music, just turn the volume down and watch them then ask yourself would you be happy to watch this in mixed company/ with your parents/ children or people you barely knew if there was no volume, having asked many young people this very question I can tell you the most likely answer is no because it looks more like a porn video when you take out the song. Take a lead from Adele – she looks great and she has a great voice but the other thing she still has is HER KIT ON!!

So who is responsible for the abuse that takes place in the world of entertainment – well I guess we all have a role to play from the pushy mothers who want their child on the stage or who want their child in modeling to the existing celebs who having suffered so much abuse are ‘happy’ to send their children down the same career path, it saddens me so much to see the offspring of celebs walking down the catwalk – think of the risks of abuse that you know about let alone the damage you are doing to them in the way they look at their image and body. What values are you instilling in them? It’s sad that we don’t see the kids of celebs who have non entertainment world careers, your world has become so incestuous it is unhealthy.

Anyway I digress, but food for thought all the same. So where do we go from here on the issues of abuse of women? What steps should we be taking to protect individuals? Well lets start by women accepting  responsibility for making their own crass decisions, women have argued for many years that they are capable of making their own decisions, now they need to show they are capable of living with the consequences of those decisions – that doesn’t make it right but it’s what being independent and grown up is all about.

Today’s women have many advantages over women in previous years, they are more healthy, better educated, more liberated, more financially independent, more vocal and more confident than the women before them but still they have many of the same issues. Women are in many ways their own worst enemy because they are ‘first class bitches’! It is mainly women in the social media who criticise women about how they look – who is it who writes the fashion fails and successes of the week – women! Who gives a shit, if the women were happy wearing the clothes what business is it of anyone else.What gives these females the power to condemn someone for their choice of clothing?

It is women who have the most to say about how other women should conduct their relationships and who they should have a relationship with. What is the gender of the people writing about who was seen in the company of who and what that might mean for their marriage/ relationship – these women used to be called shit stirrers and marriage wreckers,  but now they are seen a ‘ professional journalists’ I don’t think so, they are still shit stirrers and marriage wreckers only now the media pays them. They need to ask themselves how responsible they are for the success or failure of many relationships they have ‘reported’ on and how much of their report is based on personal views, jealousy and lining their own pockets, lets be honest you don’t see apologies when they get it wrong.

It is women who take it upon themselves to make other women feel guilty or inadequate  about how they raise their children- look at things such as mumsnet – since when did they become the authority on child rearing? What gives them the right to damn the child rearing decisions of others? Are they the special few who have their children delivered with the instruction manual? Frankly I don’t see what is sooooo great about seeing pregnant celebs nearly naked and showing the bump, like other pregnant women when celebs get pregnant they will get a bump and they will get fat and sick and feel awful some days so perhaps the average female might appreciate seeing them in that state. For heavens sake leave people to have some shred of privacy and decency. Once again it is invariably women who get onto this gossip bandwagon.

On TV and in the public arena we have moved into this touchy feely press and discussion programs – not because we really want to be touchy feely but because we can get people crying on TV – ask yourself where do you go when you cry? Most people have a private place they cry in so why do we now have female news reporters asking inane questions such as asking bomb survivors how they feel – how the hell do you think they feel!! In addition women reporters feel compelled to use their public arena to voice THEIR opinion – NO we just want the facts, we can make our own judgements.

So ladies,  if women want to be taken seriously then perhaps they should be seen to be focusing on the important things in life and not the crap you keep churning out as females. Should they really be worried about the shape of their eyebrows or should they be checking out why homeless young women cannot get sanitary products when they need them?? Should they be getting into serous degrees rather than all these soft social policy degrees that actually do not lead to a career

So steps for 2018 –

Stop blaming men,believe me they have to take responsibility for their own actions to

Stop having transgender women deciding women’s issues, their needs, experiences and issues are different. All the issues around LGBT etc should have an arena of their own. Transgender females deciding women’s issues smacks of the Trojan horse approach.

Stop the bitching about other women, leave other women to get on with their lives and accept their own responsibilities so if that’s how you earn your living you are one of the abusers and need to get yourself a ‘proper’ job

Refocus on what women can seriously offer the world believe me there is a lot, but women need to stop using their sexuality when they think it will be to their advantage and then complain that men only see them as sexual beings when it is not to their advantage. Sort out the sexuality thing for women and the advancement of women’s causes with progress rapidly.

I believe women are letting themselves down, if they want respect they need to stop hanging their dirty washing out, stop exposing themselves for the gratification of others and get some self respect and decency back into the world of women.

Don’t blame the men for accepting everything you have offered- you gave them all the opportunities they wanted and you gave them control. No we don’t live in a misogynistic world we live in a world where women continue too use their body to get what they want and their mouths to put down and decry other women. Women remain manipulative, if they are to progress men must change they way they treat women but women must be more consistent and less manipulative – used to be called ‘womenly wiles’

Men have some serious issues to address but if as women you do not reflect on your own shortcomings nothing will change.


In the year ahead women can do SO much better!!

Get a Grip!

So it’s been a while! And boy have we seen some changes!

Why???? Why have people voted in the way they have and what is the message they are sending out?

Well there’s a question we do need to ask ourselves and we need to get over ourselves! Democracy is not about getting your own way! Whether you got what you wanted or not the majority vote is the majority vote, that’s the system we signed up to years ago and to be honest it has served us well so far, so I’m not sure why people are behaving in the way they are both in the UK about Brexit and in the USA about the presidential elections.

We seem to have a generation of people who miscall everyone who does not support their corner. Did I get what I wanted in these voting situations – well it doesn’t really matter as I have to live with the decisions of others so I will get on with it and make the most of it.

But one thing I am sick to death of seeing is the rich and famous coming out to tell us what to vote – you’ve got money, you don’t live the same life as the rest of us and sadly most of you don’t seem to remember what it was like to work hard every day and STILL struggle to pay the bills etc. Having money and fame does not mean you have a better brain than the rest of us and it doesn’t give you the right to try to influence our decisions, who do you think you are??? For goodness sake many of you got where you are not because you worked hard or because you have a great brain but because you were prepared to take your clothes off or behave badly on some reality show, what message are you sending to young people!?

So many wealthy people really feel they have the right to tell the rest of us about the ways of the world, what evidence is there that your interpretation of the situation is any better informed than mine! That is just sheer arrogance and my goodness there is a lot of it about. Everyone has their own opinion based on their own experiences and the information they get which sadly it has to be said is rarely if ever honest.

And there is one of the big problems, who do we believe? We can’t trust the press, the news, the internet, the politicians or those who are public figures so we can only try to make the best interpretation of the fodder we are endlessly fed.

Who should take a big amount of the blame for this social division? – the press, the politicians, the news reporters and the internet?

WHY? –  You only print information in the way you think it will sensationalize the subject and sell papers.

The biased coverage of the Brexit referendum and the presidency elections was so blatant as to be disgusting, you should be ashamed of yourselves, your job should be investigative and factual, I’m not interested in your opinions and interpretations, just give me the facts and let me make my own interpretations because guess what, like you I had an education and probably had a better one than some of you, so have the good grace to stop treating me like a total ‘Numptee’!

I used to think that I would get  more accurate information if I listened to the BBC – but hey guess what chaps it’s become the job centre for every MP who is no longer in the cabinet or shadow cabinet. So much for the independence of the press and so much for these overworked MP’S who claim they don’t get enough pay but in reality they have several roles in companies where they get paid. So when we look at the salaries of the average MP we need to take into account these guys are working part time at the job because if they were full time they couldn’t fulfil their other jobs in other companies. So either they are claiming salaries from them for doing nothing or they are lying to us about the hours they put into their MP jobs and they don’t seem to have a problem finding the time to be on a TV show.

Going back to democracy, I note it is slowly being eroded by the very people we elect to protect it, there is no way we should be able to know the demographics of the voters UNLESS our votes are no longer anonymous!

So who is collecting that information and why are we allowing it?

The next question should be who is drip feeding it to the press and using it in a way that starts to divide society?

With Brexit the 50+ age group were blamed for the results, in the USA it seems to be the white working class men – How the hell you know this information if the vote is anonymous and why is it being allowed to be used in such a divisive way.

And so we get to the next worrying point, the way politicians and the press turn people against each other.


Is that what you want? Because believe me you are making a fantastic contribution towards it.

And to the wealthy businessmen, sorry but your decision to try to protect the public from any possible harm Mr Trump might cause is a bit rich when you have all played a massive role in creating this entire problem. This world has more millionaires than ever but do we see any thought for others – Not a lot!

What do you mean I hear the cry – ‘I’ve given loads of money to this charity or that charity, I’m doing this in Africa/ India etc?’

and I applaud your generosity, but let’s be honest it also gets you a massive tax break, so in reality the tax you could have paid into the countries welfare system you have chosen to give to others in another country. Now I don’t have a problem with the money helping anyone who needs it, but I do have a problem when it also means that people in your own country lose out, not least because you have avoided paying taxes, but because many of you who are in business don’t even pay people a decent salary a lot of the time for the work they do for you and indeed some big companies are subsidised by the poor tax payers. So not only are you avoiding paying the correct amount of tax, the tax system is paying your employees whilst you get ever richer!!

And you are going to protect us???? LOL

So give your money to whoever you want to give it to but don’t claim it as a tax exemption. Perhaps if you pay decent wages to people there won’t be so much need for so much charity – just a thought. And you can still feel good about yourself

Where are the people like those who built communities such as Bourneville or Port Sunlight in the UK? They must be turning in their graves; I knew one of those people and can say it would be difficult to find a more honest and caring considerate person. What have we got now- yes even from some of the descendants of those fantastic people, we have a generation of self -serving people who would rather sell the houses/ flats people live in to millionaires so they can rent then out for exorbitant rents. Because let’s be honest you can never have enough money!

Companies moan about attracting workers to places because house prices are too high – why not take a leaf out of the history books and buy some properties that you rent to your employees at an affordable rent as part of the terms of their contract, not at some rent that leaves them struggling for any decent standard of living. It’s a win, win situation!!

Another thing – ask yourself when your company last bought someone a retirement gift for long service and loyalty to your company – and I mean someone NOT in the board room??

Can’t remember – no I’m sure you can’t because now you have no loyalty to employees, you work them into the ground then ditch them and you wonder why people are pissed off; look at BHS, look at the bankers situation who was it who picked up the tab on each occasion? Joe Average – Mr average employee.

When did you last understand what a contract is? It means someone sold you some of their time for an agreed fee, it does not mean you then have a right to dip into the hours you did not pay for and wave the threat of redundancy every time the person makes an objection, let’s be honest there are penalties if the employee does not stick to their agreed hours. Many of you businessmen and bankers and other self – serving individuals have played a huge part in the current dissatisfaction of Mr Joe average and all the other Mr/ Ms averages. I don’t accept the argument that without your money there would be no work, because equally without the hard work of your employees you wouldn’t have your money!

Don’t suddenly set yourselves up as the protectors of the public now, start looking at how you change your approach to stop western society disintegrating into the chaos currently seen in the Middle East.

And whilst I have a groan -for Goodness sake let’s get feminism back to the realms of reality. Women are becoming their own worst enemy. The world is not about you either, it is a shared world, you seem to have lost the plot, the more I hear the more I worry. No, feminism is NOT and never should have been about female domination, we are supposed to be working towards equality, so why is it that suddenly the word Misogyny gets screamed every time a male disagrees with you, get a grip, you want to be in the real world then stop throwing your dummy out every time you don’t get your own way. The world is not all about feelings. Ask yourself why many businesswomen still surround themselves with male employees? – Perhaps they don’t whinge as much. I’m fed up of the whinging of female politicians and feminists, get on with the job and stop adding your divisive tarnish to the mix. You are an embarrassment to the female population and you’re current stance is not representative of most women. If you want to say you represent women get off your moaning bitching bums and ask women what they want. For goodness sake “safe spaces” Grow up!!

Now more than ever we need to remember we have a responsibility to humanity as a whole and to the preservation of our planet. So whatever your culture, religion, race, politics, sexuality, age, height, weight, eye colour or whatever difference you might have


Whew I feel better for that!!

Get a Grip!

Feminism and the UN

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Like most people, over the past couple of weeks I have been following the plight of the Syrian refugees as their misfortunes and struggles have been aired on prime time TV,  I have also  asked myself what organisations such as the United Nations are doing to try to bring the fighting in Syria to a peaceful conclusion.

So I decided to have a look at what has been going on in the world of the United Nations this past couple of weeks, to say I was stunned by some of the issues they were addressing would be an understatement. I mean,  I have to ask you how on earth feminism in the world of computer games even reached the agenda of the United Nations? Here we are with wars taking place all over the place, young women being kidnapped in Nigeria, women in Darfur being raped and murdered, thousands of people being killed and displaced because of all the strife, greedy leaders and politicians still lining their own pockets whilst the populations they ‘lead’ starve, students going missing in Mexico, Russia in the Ukraine, global warming charging ahead unabated and the United Nations in New York this week are listening to two young women who seem to think the most important issue is whether or not people agree with their opinion on the internet and whether or not their non agreement with them constitutes aggression, I have rarely seen such an example of blatant self indulgence!! My initial thoughts were ‘who are these selfish individuals who clearly have their own agenda and their own take on the world’.

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Anyway, I like to think that if nothing else I am a fair minded individual, so rather than condemning these two women immediately I thought it prudent to do some research on them and this issue of aggression on the internet, after all I’m not a supporter of aggression in any form but I do support the principle of freedom of speech, and my gut feeling was that these two young women only supported their own freedom of speech. I was also curious as to why they would be given time at a United Nations meeting, after all it’s not everyone that gets this opportunity, irrespective of the issue they want to raise, so one of the burning questions then became ‘did this issue merit having the time spent on it’ or was it a case of ‘not what you know but who you know’.

So what have I discovered so far, well I now know that both Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn are considered to be 3rd wave feminists and ‘social justice warriors’ whatever that might mean, but essentially they seem to believe they are fighting the corner of we poor run down, abused, disenfranchised women of the world, who have been so overpowered by misogyny that we are no longer capable of recognising it, so need them, on our behalf, to attack misogyny in all it’s horrendous forms. Interestingly it appears mainly to be a white male trait rather than a male thing – mmmmm strange delineation!!

It’s always good to know there is someone looking after your best interests and it would be nice to think that is what these two women are doing, but sadly their behaviour is far from looking after the interests of the rest of the ‘sisterhood’, oh no, they have quite another agenda which makes it all the more surprising that the United Nations should have anything to do with them. I don’t know how ,many people out there are familiar with these two people, but certainly they are not preaching feminism in any form I am familiar with or would wish to be associated with; but stating that will immediately condemn me to the group so indoctrinated by misogyny that we cannot recognise it!! This suggests that if you don’t agree with them you are deemed incapable of holding a reasoned discussion or opinion – it reminds me of when I was a child at school and those who didn’t agree with the bully could not be in their ‘gang’ or join in their games. Given their ages I thought this type of behaviour was grossly immature, after all if you are going to put forward an opinion you must expect it to  be challenged.

Anyway undaunted I gave them the benefit of doubt as I carried on researching who they are, I now know them to be journalists/ bloggers/ critics in the computer games industry but from what I have unearthed they are clearly not exactly popular in their writings, but that doesn’t mean they are wrong. I am a great supporter of defending anyone against aggression,  and as we know it can take all manner of forms, I was delighted to see that both Zoe and Anita were against rape and violence towards women, but I was horrified to see some of their communications with the internet world, these two people claim to have been threatened with all manner of violence but has any one looked at the violence they themselves advocate and the threats they have issued!! What is even more concerning is that they seem to be able to gain the ear of influential parties being given air time by both the United Nations and Congress, this raises questions about the morality of those people in these organisations. It is an insult to those women who have fought for many years to gain equality for women, yes there is still some way to go but nothing like the picture being portrayed by Anita and Zoe, they talk about the sexualisation of women, what about the sexualisation of men??  Oh yes Zoe and Anita it exists. Now as a feminist I believe in equality of genders but I DO NOT believe in women taking control of men just as I don’t believe in men controlling women. So ladies if sexualisation of women is wrong it is equally wrong to sexualise men so you need to be addressing that issue with Coke a Cola and Visa card to name but two organisations guilty of this behaviour.

Another major concern is the redefining of some terminology, Anita and Zoe have talked about mind rape and other equally odd forms of rape, this is completely inappropriate, you clearly have little thought for anyone male/ female who has been raped, if you had any empathy for the victims of rape/ violence you would not be trivialising the terminology in this way.  I do think these ladies need to clean up their act, they are certainly not representative of me or the majority of women, if they were truly interested in the rights of women they might start to take a greater interest in what’s happening to women in the real world, and please DO NOT start to tell me it’s because men are driven to violence by computer games, I would venture to suggest there’s more to be concerned about in the wider entertainment world, I mean have you seen some of the rap videos out there, switch the volume down and you could just as easily be watching a porn movie.

So what conclusions have I reached so far – well clearly this issue has absolutely nothing to do with the United Nations, and its members need to be far more circumspect in who they give audience to. The members of the UN are paid from the public purse, their role is supposed to be focused on peace keeping and international cooperation not listening to two bleating, whinging spoiled children who clearly don’t like having their opinions challenged and who need to get over themselves. It is NOT the role of the UN to pander to the feelings of such narcisitic self important, immature individuals.

There is a need for the UN to ensure that research links referred to in their reports on the organisations meeting are real and obtainable or it brings the credibility of the organisation into question, as I said these people are paid from the public purse and I might say they are handsomely paid, so the least they can do is check the authenticity of information they are publishing.

Should this issue have been raised at the UN — well women’s rights have been discussed in this arena before by such people as Malala Yousafzaia, I think it an insult to this young woman to have Anita and Zoe at the same venue, not because they are talking about computer game violence but because they themselves advocate violence and seem incapable of using the English language without redefining it to give words new meaning. So in short, yes everyone’s  rights should be raised at the UN, but it should be done by individuals who command the respect of others including those who disagree with them. Lets be honest whether or not you agree with the presentations of either Malala or even David Beckham neither of them are guilty of promoting violence towards others, they are equally not guilty of sexism or racism and god knows Malala has more rights to be sexist that anyone, unfortunately the same cannot be said for Anita and Zoe.

To go back to my first point which was why were computer games even on the agenda when there are so many more important issues for the UN to be addressing, I have found nothing to provide a responsible and clear answer as to why this issue was included and frankly the UN have more important matters to be dealing with, this comes across as indulging two little girls who have ‘connections’ hence the reason they were there in the first place.

Who knows perhaps this was the UN still trying to salve it’s conscience following the inaction of it’s troops when women were publicly raped and men and children were murdered in front of them  in the Bosnian war of the 90’s.

The UN would better redeem itself if it became a decision making organisation instead of a pontificating, expensive, toothless tiger!! It’s members need to get on with trying to resolve world issues through international cooperation, that’s what it was set up to do, not to pander to young women who clearly have their own agenda and who’s behaviour is itself questionable.

I believe in freedom of speech and equality, but I would venture to suggest from the brief research I have done into Miss Quinn and Miss Sarkeesian that the only freedom of speech they advocate is their own and equality has no place in their world!!

And so to both young ladies I extend this thought, whilst the ideology of female equality is right and proper your interpretation of the word equality is completely wrong, you seriously need to address your attitude to the opposite gender, this is not a war, for heavens sake there are enough of those to be dealing with already. If, as you say, you have the interests of women at heart then go out and speak to the women you profess to be championing, I think you might find few supporters of your particular stance on this issue. In addition if you are not just out to serve your own particular interests by trying to boost your journalism readers in the gaming world, then I would like to see you becoming more interested and involved in the serious female issues such as circumcision, forced marriage, physical penile rape, not some fantasy nonsense and gross misuse of the word.

So sorry girls but get your act sorted out and stop contemplating your own navels, if you ware really committed to feminism you will change your approach and take this advice, if not you will continue down this road of self bleating and feeling sorry for yourselves so achieving nothing what so ever for women. You will of course as is right and proper choose your own destiny, but for god’s sake


Feminism and the UN