Feminism and the UN

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Like most people, over the past couple of weeks I have been following the plight of the Syrian refugees as their misfortunes and struggles have been aired on prime time TV,  I have also  asked myself what organisations such as the United Nations are doing to try to bring the fighting in Syria to a peaceful conclusion.

So I decided to have a look at what has been going on in the world of the United Nations this past couple of weeks, to say I was stunned by some of the issues they were addressing would be an understatement. I mean,  I have to ask you how on earth feminism in the world of computer games even reached the agenda of the United Nations? Here we are with wars taking place all over the place, young women being kidnapped in Nigeria, women in Darfur being raped and murdered, thousands of people being killed and displaced because of all the strife, greedy leaders and politicians still lining their own pockets whilst the populations they ‘lead’ starve, students going missing in Mexico, Russia in the Ukraine, global warming charging ahead unabated and the United Nations in New York this week are listening to two young women who seem to think the most important issue is whether or not people agree with their opinion on the internet and whether or not their non agreement with them constitutes aggression, I have rarely seen such an example of blatant self indulgence!! My initial thoughts were ‘who are these selfish individuals who clearly have their own agenda and their own take on the world’.

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Anyway, I like to think that if nothing else I am a fair minded individual, so rather than condemning these two women immediately I thought it prudent to do some research on them and this issue of aggression on the internet, after all I’m not a supporter of aggression in any form but I do support the principle of freedom of speech, and my gut feeling was that these two young women only supported their own freedom of speech. I was also curious as to why they would be given time at a United Nations meeting, after all it’s not everyone that gets this opportunity, irrespective of the issue they want to raise, so one of the burning questions then became ‘did this issue merit having the time spent on it’ or was it a case of ‘not what you know but who you know’.

So what have I discovered so far, well I now know that both Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn are considered to be 3rd wave feminists and ‘social justice warriors’ whatever that might mean, but essentially they seem to believe they are fighting the corner of we poor run down, abused, disenfranchised women of the world, who have been so overpowered by misogyny that we are no longer capable of recognising it, so need them, on our behalf, to attack misogyny in all it’s horrendous forms. Interestingly it appears mainly to be a white male trait rather than a male thing – mmmmm strange delineation!!

It’s always good to know there is someone looking after your best interests and it would be nice to think that is what these two women are doing, but sadly their behaviour is far from looking after the interests of the rest of the ‘sisterhood’, oh no, they have quite another agenda which makes it all the more surprising that the United Nations should have anything to do with them. I don’t know how ,many people out there are familiar with these two people, but certainly they are not preaching feminism in any form I am familiar with or would wish to be associated with; but stating that will immediately condemn me to the group so indoctrinated by misogyny that we cannot recognise it!! This suggests that if you don’t agree with them you are deemed incapable of holding a reasoned discussion or opinion – it reminds me of when I was a child at school and those who didn’t agree with the bully could not be in their ‘gang’ or join in their games. Given their ages I thought this type of behaviour was grossly immature, after all if you are going to put forward an opinion you must expect it to  be challenged.

Anyway undaunted I gave them the benefit of doubt as I carried on researching who they are, I now know them to be journalists/ bloggers/ critics in the computer games industry but from what I have unearthed they are clearly not exactly popular in their writings, but that doesn’t mean they are wrong. I am a great supporter of defending anyone against aggression,  and as we know it can take all manner of forms, I was delighted to see that both Zoe and Anita were against rape and violence towards women, but I was horrified to see some of their communications with the internet world, these two people claim to have been threatened with all manner of violence but has any one looked at the violence they themselves advocate and the threats they have issued!! What is even more concerning is that they seem to be able to gain the ear of influential parties being given air time by both the United Nations and Congress, this raises questions about the morality of those people in these organisations. It is an insult to those women who have fought for many years to gain equality for women, yes there is still some way to go but nothing like the picture being portrayed by Anita and Zoe, they talk about the sexualisation of women, what about the sexualisation of men??  Oh yes Zoe and Anita it exists. Now as a feminist I believe in equality of genders but I DO NOT believe in women taking control of men just as I don’t believe in men controlling women. So ladies if sexualisation of women is wrong it is equally wrong to sexualise men so you need to be addressing that issue with Coke a Cola and Visa card to name but two organisations guilty of this behaviour.

Another major concern is the redefining of some terminology, Anita and Zoe have talked about mind rape and other equally odd forms of rape, this is completely inappropriate, you clearly have little thought for anyone male/ female who has been raped, if you had any empathy for the victims of rape/ violence you would not be trivialising the terminology in this way.  I do think these ladies need to clean up their act, they are certainly not representative of me or the majority of women, if they were truly interested in the rights of women they might start to take a greater interest in what’s happening to women in the real world, and please DO NOT start to tell me it’s because men are driven to violence by computer games, I would venture to suggest there’s more to be concerned about in the wider entertainment world, I mean have you seen some of the rap videos out there, switch the volume down and you could just as easily be watching a porn movie.

So what conclusions have I reached so far – well clearly this issue has absolutely nothing to do with the United Nations, and its members need to be far more circumspect in who they give audience to. The members of the UN are paid from the public purse, their role is supposed to be focused on peace keeping and international cooperation not listening to two bleating, whinging spoiled children who clearly don’t like having their opinions challenged and who need to get over themselves. It is NOT the role of the UN to pander to the feelings of such narcisitic self important, immature individuals.

There is a need for the UN to ensure that research links referred to in their reports on the organisations meeting are real and obtainable or it brings the credibility of the organisation into question, as I said these people are paid from the public purse and I might say they are handsomely paid, so the least they can do is check the authenticity of information they are publishing.

Should this issue have been raised at the UN — well women’s rights have been discussed in this arena before by such people as Malala Yousafzaia, I think it an insult to this young woman to have Anita and Zoe at the same venue, not because they are talking about computer game violence but because they themselves advocate violence and seem incapable of using the English language without redefining it to give words new meaning. So in short, yes everyone’s  rights should be raised at the UN, but it should be done by individuals who command the respect of others including those who disagree with them. Lets be honest whether or not you agree with the presentations of either Malala or even David Beckham neither of them are guilty of promoting violence towards others, they are equally not guilty of sexism or racism and god knows Malala has more rights to be sexist that anyone, unfortunately the same cannot be said for Anita and Zoe.

To go back to my first point which was why were computer games even on the agenda when there are so many more important issues for the UN to be addressing, I have found nothing to provide a responsible and clear answer as to why this issue was included and frankly the UN have more important matters to be dealing with, this comes across as indulging two little girls who have ‘connections’ hence the reason they were there in the first place.

Who knows perhaps this was the UN still trying to salve it’s conscience following the inaction of it’s troops when women were publicly raped and men and children were murdered in front of them  in the Bosnian war of the 90’s.

The UN would better redeem itself if it became a decision making organisation instead of a pontificating, expensive, toothless tiger!! It’s members need to get on with trying to resolve world issues through international cooperation, that’s what it was set up to do, not to pander to young women who clearly have their own agenda and who’s behaviour is itself questionable.

I believe in freedom of speech and equality, but I would venture to suggest from the brief research I have done into Miss Quinn and Miss Sarkeesian that the only freedom of speech they advocate is their own and equality has no place in their world!!

And so to both young ladies I extend this thought, whilst the ideology of female equality is right and proper your interpretation of the word equality is completely wrong, you seriously need to address your attitude to the opposite gender, this is not a war, for heavens sake there are enough of those to be dealing with already. If, as you say, you have the interests of women at heart then go out and speak to the women you profess to be championing, I think you might find few supporters of your particular stance on this issue. In addition if you are not just out to serve your own particular interests by trying to boost your journalism readers in the gaming world, then I would like to see you becoming more interested and involved in the serious female issues such as circumcision, forced marriage, physical penile rape, not some fantasy nonsense and gross misuse of the word.

So sorry girls but get your act sorted out and stop contemplating your own navels, if you ware really committed to feminism you will change your approach and take this advice, if not you will continue down this road of self bleating and feeling sorry for yourselves so achieving nothing what so ever for women. You will of course as is right and proper choose your own destiny, but for god’s sake


Feminism and the UN

Migrants or refugees? | On British discussion shows & harassment.

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It’s been a few days since my first post, mainly because the internet has not been operational in our house for reasons best known to ‘I don’t know who’! Anyway all is now fixed and working. An interesting week in the world of international news and one that once again finds the west slow to respond.

Last year it was the need to respond to the E-bola outbreak, so we did nothing until it got much closer to home and people are only just beginning to wake up to the refugee situation now the refugees are knocking on the door, so once again desperate individuals have been left to the greed and self serving behaviour of the people traffickers  whilst European countries try to decide who should/ shouldn’t take migrants.

I suppose my first concern is the media’s constant use of the word migrant, most of these people aren’t migrants they are refugees and as such should be given every help, I don’t remember all this fuss about the Bosnian refugees, and there was no question about taking in those at risk from Idi Amin, we even considered offering migration opportunities to people from Hong Kong when they returned to Chinese rule, however this does I agree need to be balanced if the current population is not to feel overwhelmed.

There are several areas that need to be addressed – separate the refugees from the economic migrants, I believe there are 2 reasons for this one being that refugees don’t have a choice about their situation, what are we going to do – wait until they die or until ISIS gets to them, in which case they will most likely die, as they themselves have said they are human like the rest of us. We cannot expect Greece to cope with this alone, especially in their current financial state, we should be setting up official reception areas where people register and get their papers before they are transported to their new country of asylum by plane, coach, train what ever method decided, but they certainly should not have to walk miles. They also need to be housed in acceptable conditions and fed until paperwork is sorted and transport is available. Perhaps if we do this we won’t have these large groups of people descending on communities. Then we need to deal with the economic migrants and I’m afraid I take a less sympathetic view of these migrants simply because they are deliberately choosing to pay traffickers large sums of money to get them into Europe through the back door. I struggle to understand how these people can be seen as being poor when in the next breath we are being told they have paid someone thousands to get them into Europe. If they really wanted to come to Europe in an honest way they could have used a fraction of that money to get a flight to anywhere else, even if they said they were going on holiday, so I’m struggling to understand why they have willingly put themselves in this position other than to bypass the normal immigration channels.  Regardless of their reasons I’m afraid they need to take a back seat at present so genuine refugees can get help, and just to be more controversial in my view their applications should not be considered and they should be immediately sent home again, only by taking this drastic action will the message get across that they must make their application through the normal channels.

It’s a hard old world and I would hope if I became a refugee people would help me. So how should we decide where all these people should go? I would suggest that it is done on a land per capita of the population basis, by doing this you will not over crowd any single country, we could hardly expect Luxembourg to take as many refugees as Germany or Sweden where there is much more land. If we don’t do this, we stand a very big risk of smaller countries indigenous populations becoming resistant and resentful; overcrowding is well known for contributing to civil unrest. Should our politicians be thinking of their future political careers or the greater good??

Frankly I don’t care what your nationality is, the colour of your skin, hair, eyes and as far as I’m concerned your religious beliefs should be between you and your god if you want to migrate do it properly and do not try to bend the rules, but if you are a refugee the situation is completely different.

Anyway that’s one thing that has had me ranting a bit this week, the other is to ask the question ‘Why is it that every discussion panel on the Sunday morning BBC TV shows has an American on it who feels the need to tell us how things should be in the UK’? Hey guys, or in this case ladies, in case you hadn’t noticed you haven’t exactly got it right in America yet!! In fact it’s the difference between the UK and USA that made you want to stay here, so why is it now you are here you want to change things to reflect more of the American culture?  Actually that question applies to everyone that has migrated here, why is it that once you settle here you want to change the UK to reflect your old home country?? Anyway I will leave that bit for another day. Back to the BBC discussion panels. This week there was a discussion about rape and violence towards women and once again there was this very American view of who’s responsibility rape is, and all of this generated from a simple but admittedly crazy idea from Jeremy Corbyn that there should be a female only train carriage – frankly I would much rather have a child free carriage/mobile phone free carriage, but as it stands I think most of us are grateful just to be able to get on any carriage these days!!

We keep hearing about violence to women and I agree wholeheartedly that violence should be completely outlawed but it is not just about women, where are the hostels for battered husbands, where are the support groups for battered men, why do we pretend this is a female only problem we should be admitting that there are violent women in relationships who get away with it because men don’t like to admit the situation. Lets be honest here WOMEN CAN BE NASTY VINDICTIVE VIOLENT INDIVIDUALS!! they are not all these helpless victims so it’s time we stopped looking at violence as a female only issue, if this is a world aiming for equality then the least we should be doing is considering the needs of everyone and not just those who shout the loudest, yes there are probably more female victims but that should not alter the discussion, the topic for discussion should be aggressive behaviour both in relationships and in random meetings irrespective of the persons gender.!!

I will leave you all to think about that issue as my stomach is reminding me it’s time it was fed! Love to hear your comments, be back soon!!

Migrants or refugees? | On British discussion shows & harassment.

Introducing Highland hound!!

A big hello to anyone who might be remotely interested in my new blog!! So what’s it actually going to be about?? The answer – anything really, its a reflective view on what’s is going on in the world and my thoughts on various issues, so sometimes it will be a rant, other times it will be more of a discussion/ mulling over of issues.

So what are the issues going to be – they could be anything, essentially whatever rattles my cage or gives me cause to prattle on in an unrestrained fashion!

I’m a novice to this process so it will be a great learning opportunity for me as well and I’m all for learning, I do think we should all try to learn one new thing every day, it could be as simple as learning when the first bus arrives at my local stop or learning something in an academic setting. My son has a blog so I’ve been listening to things written there and just thought I’d give it a whirl, god knows mine can’t be any worse than some of the stuff he has shown me! I mean most people seem to use this medium as an opportunity to vent their spleens rather than stretching their grey cells, there does seem to be a great deal of precious behaviour about things, but at the same time a clear lack of consideration for the freedom of thought and feelings off others.  I do have to ask why people feel it is essential to personalise things in order to press forward their own point of view but I suppose to some degree that is what freedom of speech is about. Still it does beg the question of who these people think they are and why they seem to think that it is their job to police the thoughts of other mere mortals on this planet, in my day it was called bullying! So what will my motto be – well in the  words famously attributed to Voltaire ‘ Although I might not agree with what you have to say,  I defend to the death your right to say it’.

Whether or not Voltaire did say this or something like this doesn’t really matter what matters is that people should be free to have their own thoughts on issues, now the big question is should they be sharing those thoughts if they are not in line with todays pc thinking? Well that depends on how the opinion is put forward, has it been said to be hurtful/ insulting or has it been said to provoke discussion. Lets be honest if we don’t discuss things in a sensible and unemotional way we will be unable to develop ideas, or influence thoughts and behaviour, so I leave you to mull that one over.

What I don’t support is this latest trend of ‘ if I disagree with your opinion then I am clearly patriarchal or misogynistic or racist, sexist or whatever’, sorry but you need to get over yourself, accept you are not the font of all knowledge and whilst your thoughts and opinions may be interesting/ weird/ thought provoking etc I don’t have to agree with them just as you don’t have to agree with mine. You cannot assume you have the right to express your thoughts and then say they represent mine. Sadly I have found that this is a trend particularly common among representatives of the 3rd wave feminism movement, you don’t agree with them then you are immediately vilified. Sorry people but you need to get over yourselves and stop being so precious about your ideas, world wars have been caused by such juvenile behaviour. it reminds me of the playground in infant school and all the reasons I hated playing with girls – if you didn’t do things how they wanted you were excluded from playing with them until you did and there was always one with a loud mouth and a bullying stance who assumed the role of dictator. It’s time to leave the play ground and join the grown ups!!

Well there’s a bit of a rant for today so hopefully you will get a general idea of how things might develop and progress, could be fun. Look out for next post!

Introducing Highland hound!!