Migrants or refugees? | On British discussion shows & harassment.

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It’s been a few days since my first post, mainly because the internet has not been operational in our house for reasons best known to ‘I don’t know who’! Anyway all is now fixed and working. An interesting week in the world of international news and one that once again finds the west slow to respond.

Last year it was the need to respond to the E-bola outbreak, so we did nothing until it got much closer to home and people are only just beginning to wake up to the refugee situation now the refugees are knocking on the door, so once again desperate individuals have been left to the greed and self serving behaviour of the people traffickers  whilst European countries try to decide who should/ shouldn’t take migrants.

I suppose my first concern is the media’s constant use of the word migrant, most of these people aren’t migrants they are refugees and as such should be given every help, I don’t remember all this fuss about the Bosnian refugees, and there was no question about taking in those at risk from Idi Amin, we even considered offering migration opportunities to people from Hong Kong when they returned to Chinese rule, however this does I agree need to be balanced if the current population is not to feel overwhelmed.

There are several areas that need to be addressed – separate the refugees from the economic migrants, I believe there are 2 reasons for this one being that refugees don’t have a choice about their situation, what are we going to do – wait until they die or until ISIS gets to them, in which case they will most likely die, as they themselves have said they are human like the rest of us. We cannot expect Greece to cope with this alone, especially in their current financial state, we should be setting up official reception areas where people register and get their papers before they are transported to their new country of asylum by plane, coach, train what ever method decided, but they certainly should not have to walk miles. They also need to be housed in acceptable conditions and fed until paperwork is sorted and transport is available. Perhaps if we do this we won’t have these large groups of people descending on communities. Then we need to deal with the economic migrants and I’m afraid I take a less sympathetic view of these migrants simply because they are deliberately choosing to pay traffickers large sums of money to get them into Europe through the back door. I struggle to understand how these people can be seen as being poor when in the next breath we are being told they have paid someone thousands to get them into Europe. If they really wanted to come to Europe in an honest way they could have used a fraction of that money to get a flight to anywhere else, even if they said they were going on holiday, so I’m struggling to understand why they have willingly put themselves in this position other than to bypass the normal immigration channels.  Regardless of their reasons I’m afraid they need to take a back seat at present so genuine refugees can get help, and just to be more controversial in my view their applications should not be considered and they should be immediately sent home again, only by taking this drastic action will the message get across that they must make their application through the normal channels.

It’s a hard old world and I would hope if I became a refugee people would help me. So how should we decide where all these people should go? I would suggest that it is done on a land per capita of the population basis, by doing this you will not over crowd any single country, we could hardly expect Luxembourg to take as many refugees as Germany or Sweden where there is much more land. If we don’t do this, we stand a very big risk of smaller countries indigenous populations becoming resistant and resentful; overcrowding is well known for contributing to civil unrest. Should our politicians be thinking of their future political careers or the greater good??

Frankly I don’t care what your nationality is, the colour of your skin, hair, eyes and as far as I’m concerned your religious beliefs should be between you and your god if you want to migrate do it properly and do not try to bend the rules, but if you are a refugee the situation is completely different.

Anyway that’s one thing that has had me ranting a bit this week, the other is to ask the question ‘Why is it that every discussion panel on the Sunday morning BBC TV shows has an American on it who feels the need to tell us how things should be in the UK’? Hey guys, or in this case ladies, in case you hadn’t noticed you haven’t exactly got it right in America yet!! In fact it’s the difference between the UK and USA that made you want to stay here, so why is it now you are here you want to change things to reflect more of the American culture?  Actually that question applies to everyone that has migrated here, why is it that once you settle here you want to change the UK to reflect your old home country?? Anyway I will leave that bit for another day. Back to the BBC discussion panels. This week there was a discussion about rape and violence towards women and once again there was this very American view of who’s responsibility rape is, and all of this generated from a simple but admittedly crazy idea from Jeremy Corbyn that there should be a female only train carriage – frankly I would much rather have a child free carriage/mobile phone free carriage, but as it stands I think most of us are grateful just to be able to get on any carriage these days!!

We keep hearing about violence to women and I agree wholeheartedly that violence should be completely outlawed but it is not just about women, where are the hostels for battered husbands, where are the support groups for battered men, why do we pretend this is a female only problem we should be admitting that there are violent women in relationships who get away with it because men don’t like to admit the situation. Lets be honest here WOMEN CAN BE NASTY VINDICTIVE VIOLENT INDIVIDUALS!! they are not all these helpless victims so it’s time we stopped looking at violence as a female only issue, if this is a world aiming for equality then the least we should be doing is considering the needs of everyone and not just those who shout the loudest, yes there are probably more female victims but that should not alter the discussion, the topic for discussion should be aggressive behaviour both in relationships and in random meetings irrespective of the persons gender.!!

I will leave you all to think about that issue as my stomach is reminding me it’s time it was fed! Love to hear your comments, be back soon!!

Migrants or refugees? | On British discussion shows & harassment.

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