Introducing Highland hound!!

A big hello to anyone who might be remotely interested in my new blog!! So what’s it actually going to be about?? The answer – anything really, its a reflective view on what’s is going on in the world and my thoughts on various issues, so sometimes it will be a rant, other times it will be more of a discussion/ mulling over of issues.

So what are the issues going to be – they could be anything, essentially whatever rattles my cage or gives me cause to prattle on in an unrestrained fashion!

I’m a novice to this process so it will be a great learning opportunity for me as well and I’m all for learning, I do think we should all try to learn one new thing every day, it could be as simple as learning when the first bus arrives at my local stop or learning something in an academic setting. My son has a blog so I’ve been listening to things written there and just thought I’d give it a whirl, god knows mine can’t be any worse than some of the stuff he has shown me! I mean most people seem to use this medium as an opportunity to vent their spleens rather than stretching their grey cells, there does seem to be a great deal of precious behaviour about things, but at the same time a clear lack of consideration for the freedom of thought and feelings off others.  I do have to ask why people feel it is essential to personalise things in order to press forward their own point of view but I suppose to some degree that is what freedom of speech is about. Still it does beg the question of who these people think they are and why they seem to think that it is their job to police the thoughts of other mere mortals on this planet, in my day it was called bullying! So what will my motto be – well in the  words famously attributed to Voltaire ‘ Although I might not agree with what you have to say,  I defend to the death your right to say it’.

Whether or not Voltaire did say this or something like this doesn’t really matter what matters is that people should be free to have their own thoughts on issues, now the big question is should they be sharing those thoughts if they are not in line with todays pc thinking? Well that depends on how the opinion is put forward, has it been said to be hurtful/ insulting or has it been said to provoke discussion. Lets be honest if we don’t discuss things in a sensible and unemotional way we will be unable to develop ideas, or influence thoughts and behaviour, so I leave you to mull that one over.

What I don’t support is this latest trend of ‘ if I disagree with your opinion then I am clearly patriarchal or misogynistic or racist, sexist or whatever’, sorry but you need to get over yourself, accept you are not the font of all knowledge and whilst your thoughts and opinions may be interesting/ weird/ thought provoking etc I don’t have to agree with them just as you don’t have to agree with mine. You cannot assume you have the right to express your thoughts and then say they represent mine. Sadly I have found that this is a trend particularly common among representatives of the 3rd wave feminism movement, you don’t agree with them then you are immediately vilified. Sorry people but you need to get over yourselves and stop being so precious about your ideas, world wars have been caused by such juvenile behaviour. it reminds me of the playground in infant school and all the reasons I hated playing with girls – if you didn’t do things how they wanted you were excluded from playing with them until you did and there was always one with a loud mouth and a bullying stance who assumed the role of dictator. It’s time to leave the play ground and join the grown ups!!

Well there’s a bit of a rant for today so hopefully you will get a general idea of how things might develop and progress, could be fun. Look out for next post!

Introducing Highland hound!!

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